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Abstract: In his treatment of the Wittgensteinian paradox about rule-following, Saul Kripke represents the non-reductionist approach, according to which meaning something by an expression is a sui generis state that cannot be elucidated in more basic terms, as brushing philosophical questions under the rug.  This representation of non-reductionism captures the way in which some of its proponents conceive of it.  Meaning is viewed by these philosophers as an explanatory primitive that provides the basic materials for philosophical inquiry, but whose nature cannot serve as an object for that inquiry.  There is, however, an alternative way of conceiving of non-reductionism, which makes it possible to tackle philosophical questions about the nature of meaning head-on.

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Hedda Sterne. New York, 1956. The Art Institute of Chicago. 
Edward R. Miller. Bucharest, Romania, 1956.  The Art Institute of Chicago.